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Adherize+ platform update

March 2024. The KDA Group is pleased to announce an update in the development and use of its Adherize+ platform. With the aim of assisting and improving the follow-up of hormone-dependent breast cancer patients taking oral CDK 4/6 inhibitor therapy, the Corporation, through its Adherize+ platform, will develop the monitoring and follow-up algorithm for these patients in collaboration with oncology physicians and pharmacists.

Collaboration with several pharmacy banners

March 2024. The KDA Group is proud to announce that it is working with several Quebec and Canadian pharmacy banners to ensure the performance of its pharmacological adherence software, Adherize+.

Learn more about the KDA Group

February 2024. The KDA Group’s mission is to promote the acceleration and digital transformation of healthcare in order to assist healthcare professionnals in their daily tasks and improve the overall patient experience. In this short video, learn more about the KDA Group with our CEO, Marc Lemieux. Click here to watch.


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